Think-Lands Co., Ltd. is developing, manufacturing and selling medical devices
as well as testing and measuring instruments using optical and electrical technology.


Technologies in our daily life

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病院等医療・治療現場 Medical and Treatment Site (such as hospital)

Think-Lands keeps continuing the challenge to the
medical field.
We have developed the Hollow Microneedle (HMN) with a micro-needle structure that is made of high safety bio-
absorbable material material and is supposedly painless by using micro-laser processing technology.
Amazingly, the outer diameter of the needle tip is less
than 100μm.
We are using this technology to commercialize new
medical devices, such as painless insulin injectors.

ドラッグストアやネット販売 Drug Store and E-Commerce

Think-Lands is also continuing the challenge to the
beauty field.
We are working on the development of skincare
cosmetics using the technologies we have developed for medical applications over the years.
Our goal is to commercialize a beauty tool as never
before that can almost painlessly inject hyaluronic acid,
collagen, and other cosmetic substances through the
hollow holes of a microneedle.

ドラッグストアやネット販売 Industrial Production Line and Medical Front

Think-Lands has developed advanced OCT devices with
optical technology and electric signal processing
technology. We are participating in the project to
modularize broadband SLD chips utilizing the Ozaki
Laboratory in Wakayama University's multi-wavelength
quantum dot technology and we aim to realize
ultrahigh accuracy. We are working on materializing it
while considering the SS lighting source in the future.

化粧品売り場・医療現場 Cosmetic Store and Medical Front

Think-Lands uses OCT devices in the commercialization
of micro needles. We are currently studying the
utilization in order to evaluate degree of contactless when
micro needles are applied for layer of keratin or under the
skin in beauty treatments or medical fields. We expect
smaller and lighter OCT devices using our unique
technology, to serve in cosmetic stores or medical front as
a handy testing device.

工場プラントや工事現場 Factory plant and construction Site

Think-Lands sensor technology is used for various
purposes.Currently it is possible to send and receive
the measurement result after sensing by radio, and
we will adapt it from use at a short distance to
remote monitoring.Specifically, our patented
application example is used for monitoring clogging
of the water filtration filter. Others have been utilized
for vibration sensing at the construction site.

光通信ネットワーク Optical communication network

Optical equipments of Syncland are utilized at various
companies such as optical communication related
companies / laboratories, system construction,
maintenance etc.When connecting from a connector
cleaner used as a consumable item to an optical power
meter and an external network, it is possible to adapt
both passive and active, such as optical amplifiers,
optical isolators, multi-channel type optical switches
and so on.