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Micro Needle Business

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About the Microneedle Business

We are working on the practical application of a Hollow Microneedle, an injectable
needle that causes almost no pain when it is inserted into the skin.
With conventional microneedles, it was difficult to form a through-hole in a needle
as small as 100 μm inner diameter, but we have succeeded in establishing this
through-hole formation technology by introducing special laser processing
technology. This Hollow Microneedle allows the transdermal delivery of the required
amount of serum or liquid medication.
In other words, Hollow Microneedles has the big advantage of not selecting the
target substance, as opposed to microneedles with the target substance itself
(e.g., hyaluronic acid).
It is expected for HMN to put into practical early because the scope of application is
extremely wide, such as insulin treatment for diabetic patients, skin beautification
and hair growth promotion.

The Think-lands's Hollow Microneedle

* In consideration of the global issue of microplastics, we use biodegradable Medical grade PGA (polyglycolic acid).
 For this reason, we recommend that you avoid high temperatures and high humidity and use the product as soon as possible.

Examples of utilization

  • 活用例

Insulin injection

Concerning the application of micro needle for insulin injection, the following structure is under development.



Patch type

Patch type