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Photonic Frequency Domain Analyzer (PFDA)

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Introduction to PFDA:
Optical modulation device for high-speed communication and frequency character inspection
device for light Receiver

System configuration

       Two-Tone Light Source                   Vector Network Analyzer (VNA) 
       PFDA-288 Series of Think-lands.                  of Rohde & Schwarz.          

Overview and measurement principle of Two-Tone Light Source

The PFDA works in conjunction with a VNA based on a principle that Optical S21 can be measured
by the power values of light and electricity.
This system makes it possible to measure broadband and high-sensitivity measurements by with
various functions of VNA.

Principles of Trace measurement


Provisional specifications

Items Specifications
Wavelength   1530 nm to 1570 nm
Frequency   200 MHz to 50 GHz
Relative gain accuracy   < ± 1.2 dB
Absolute gain accuracy < ± 1.6 dB

Measurement example︓Ⅱ-Ⅵ XPDV3120R測定例

* The Two-Tone light source was developed based on the results of NICT:
National Institute of Information and Communications Technology