Think-Lands Co., Ltd. is developing, manufacturing and selling medical devices
as well as testing and measuring instruments using optical and electrical technology.

Think-lands is exhibiting at CIIE2019 in Shanghai.

Think-lands is participating in the CIIE2019 in Shanghai from 11/5 to 11/10.

We think the CIIE2019 is important exhibition to expand our hollow microneedle around the wolrd as medical and beauty materials applications.

we look forward to all of you coming on our booth 7.2A06-001 (021) .


- Exhibition period: November 5th to November 10th
- Venue: China National Exhibition Center (Shanghai)
- Booth No.: 7.2A06-001 (021) (JETRO Japan Pavilion)
- Exhibits: Hollow microneedle
We will exhibit at "COMPAMED2018"

Location: Messeplatz 40474 Dusseldorf / Germany
Schedule: Monday 12th November - Thursday 15th November 2018 (4 days duration)
Holding time: 10: 00 ~ 18: 00
Booth NO: Hall 8a J33

We will present our cutting edge technology at COMPAMED HIGH TECH FORUM
by IVAM on 13:50 from 14:50 in the 13th Nov.
"Magic hollow micro-needle for diabetes"
Yoichi Oikawa, Think-Lands Co., Ltd.,
We are looking forward to seeing you!

For more information, please refer to COMPAMED2018 official website.…


Location: National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai)
Schedule: Monday 5th November - Saturday 10th November 2018 (6 days duration)
Holding time: 9: 00 ~ 17: 00
Exhibition: JAPAN PAVILION · medical equipment and pharmaceutical health area
Booth NO: 7.1C1-19(038)

For more information, please refer to CIIE2018 official website.



Think-Lands continues its efforts to contribute to the society
by proactively providing solutions and proposals to the sophisticated
and diversified market, customer demands and issues.
  • Microneedles
    The hollow microneedle (HMN) developed by Thinkland is a almost painless injection needle with an ultra-fine needle (about Φ100μm) and an even finer penetration hole. They are made from special materials that are biodegradable, with consideration for their impact on the environment and the human body. We would like to contribute to the realization of a more comfortable society by applying this technology to the fields of beauty and medical care.
  • Sensor
    As a new sensor business combining wireless communication technology and vibration measurement technology, we will expand it in various fields. The built-in acceleration sensor is placed to detect accelerations in the three directions (X, Y and Z) and the amplitude and direction (inclination) also can be detected. We are also considering possibility of infrastructure monitoring.
  • Optics equipment
    A wide range of passive products and active optical products are available and we are able to offer appropriate products to meet demands. We also provide supports for prototype production and manufacture of optical measuring devices and optical systems. Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime even if it is at an early phase of your project.
  • Multi-Channel
    Optical Switch
    Multi-Channel Optical switch is a device that can switch routes without changing the optical signal
  • Multi-Channel
    Tunable Laser
    Wavelength tunable lasers that allow you to freely change the wavelength
  • Polarization controller
    It can be widely used as a tool for various research & development, such as optical experiments and optical measurements.
  • Photonic Frequency
    Domain Analyzer (PFDA)
    Accomplishments of our optics prototype in various fields.
  • Custom prototypes
    Accomplishments of our optics prototype in various fields.

Technologies in our daily life

  • 病院等医療・治療現場
    Medical care
    and treatment site
    Think-Lands keeps continuing the challenge to
    the medical field.We have developed the Hollow
    Microneedle (HMN) with a micro-needle
    structure that is made of high safety bio-
    absorbable material and is supposedly painless
    by using micro-laser processing technology.
    Amazingly, the outer diameter of the needle tip is
    less than 100μm. We are using this technology to
    commercialize new medical devices, such as
    painless insulin injectors.
  • ドラッグストアやネット販売
    Drug Store and
    Think-Lands is also continuing the challenge to
    the beauty field.We are working on the
    development of skincare cosmetics using the
    technologies we have developed for medical
    applications over the years. Our goal is to
    commercialize an beauty tool as never before that
    can painlessly inject hyaluronic acid, collagen, and
    other cosmetic substances through the hollow holes
    of a microneedle.
  • 産業用生産工程・医療現場
    Industrial Production Line and Medical Front
    Think-Lands has developed advanced OCT devices with optical technology and electric signal processing technology. We are participating in the project to modularize broadband SLD chips utilizing the Ozaki Laboratory in Wakayama University's multi-wavelength quantum dot technology and we aim to realize ultrahigh accuracy. We are working on materializing it while considering the SS lighting source in the future.
  • 化粧品売り場・医療現場
    Cosmetic Store and Medical Front
    Think-Lands uses OCT devices in the commercialization of micro needles. We are currently studying the utilization in order to evaluate degree of contactless when micro needles are applied for layer of keratin or under the skin in beauty treatments or medical fields. We expect smaller and lighter OCT devices using our unique technology, to serve in cosmetic stores or medical front as a handy testing device.